Abandoned Asylums

Couv Asylums

Abandoned Asylums takes readers on an unrestricted visual journey inside America’s abandoned state hospitals, asylums, and psychiatric facilities, the institutions where countless stories and personal dramas played out behind locked doors and out of public sight.

The images captured by photographer Matt Van der Velde are powerful, haunting and emotive. A sad and tragic reality that these once glorious historical institutions now sit vacant and forgotten as their futures are uncertain and threatened with the wrecking ball.

Explore a private mental hospital that treated Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities seeking safe haven. Or look inside the seclusion cells at an asylum that once incarcerated the now-infamous Charles Manson. Or see the autopsy theater at a Government Hospital for the Insane that was the scene for some of America’s very first lobotomy procedures.

With a foreward by renowned expert Carla Yanni examining their evolution and subsequent fall from grace, accompanying writings by Matt Van der Velde detailing their respective histories, Abandoned Asylums will shine some light on the glorious, and sometimes infamous institutions that have for so long been shrouded in darkness.

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Abandoned France

FranceFollow the trail of the abandoned Gandrange steelworks or the decommissioned Uckange blast furnaces in Lorraine, a spectacular marine graveyard in Brittany’s Crozon peninsula, a forgotten chateau on the outskirts of Paris, a derelict sanatorium in the Alps, the remains of a magnificent Art Deco concert hall in the north, a disused hospital in the south-west, a military fort in the Pyrenees, now off-limits, a former wine storage cellar in Normandy …

Following the success of his first book, published in 2009, Sylvain Margaine still travels around France in search of these forbidden and often overlooked places. In this way he draws attention to the sometimes dramatic fate of the country’s heritage, the preservation of which has become a matter for serious reflection.
An exceptional photographic report.

“Like a graffiti artist, he uses his digital reflex camera to capture the soul of these demolished, worn-down places that are doomed to oblivion … thus revealing the forgotten treasures of our heritage.” (Madame Figaro)

“Census-taker of monuments, storyteller of our hidden heritage, Sylvain Margaine is an urban explorer.” (Le Monde)

“Beyond the magnificent images, Sylvain Margaine shares an ephemeral, isolated and condemned urban heritage that lies off the beaten tracks of the city. You, too, will discover these forbidden places!” (Le Soir)

208 pages – ISBN : 978-2-36195-216-7  – 35 € / 19,95 USD / 29,95 CAN$ – 11/2017

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After the Final Curtain

After the Final Curtain

There’s nothing remarkable about a movie theater today, but that wasn’t always the case. When the great American movie palaces opened in the early 20th century, they were some of the most lavish, stunning buildings anyone had ever seen. With the advent of television, theater companies found it harder and harder to keep them open. Some were demolished, some were converted, and some remain derelict to this day. “After the Final Curtain: The Fall of the American Movie Theatre” will take you through 24 of these magnificent buildings showing what beauty remains years after the last ticket was sold.

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Bologna Insolita e Segreta

BolognaVisitare una mansarda piena di bambole, misurare una tagliatella d’oro, aprire un vaso che contiene la Teriaca, trovare un intero museo in un comò, leggere l’ora su una meridiana da Guinness dei primati, entrare in una chiesa attraverso una porta che si apre solo a chi sorride, salire su un campanile che ne contiene un altro, cercare una cascata nascosta tra le case, scoprire una scultura da un oblò, camminare sulle rovine di un castello sepolto, toccare un pezzetto di Luna, parcheggiare la bicicletta in un rifugio antiaereo, indagare sulla statua di un papa travestito da santo…

Lontano dalla folla e dai luoghi comuni, Bologna offrre un gran numero di esperienze insolite. Tra modernità e tradizione, nasconde tesori sorprendenti che rivela solo ai suoi abitanti più curiosi o ai visitatori che sanno uscire dai percorsi più battuti.

Una guida indispensabile per chi pensa di conoscere Bologna o per coloro che vorrebbero scoprire un volto diverso della città.

256 pagine – ISBN : 978-2-36195-119-1 – 18,90 €

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Buenos Aires Insolita e Segreta

 Buenos Aires insolita e segretaUna statua che denuncia la corruzione, un edificio progettato come un’allegoria della Divina Commedia, un bizzarro museo psichedelico, un monumento a un cane poliziotto, la camera di Garcia Lorca all’Hotel Castelar, i bagni di un bar dove “l’acustica era eccezionale”, quel che resta di un tentativo di colpo di Stato e una cupola degna di Gaudi …

Lontano dalle folle e dai luoghi comuni, Buenos Aires custodisce tesori ben nascosti che rivela solo ai propri abitanti o ai viaggiatori curiosi che vogliano uscire dai percorsi più battuti.

Una guida indispensabile per chi pensa di conoscere già bene Buenos Aires e per coloro che vogliano scoprire i molti segreti di questa affascinante città.

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Buenos Aires Insólita y Secreta

 Buenos Aires insolita y secretaUna estatua que denuncia la corrupción, un edificio construido como una alegoría de la “Divina Comedia”, un museo privado psicodélico y excepcional, un monumento para un perro policía, la habitación de García Lorca en el Hotel Castelar, los baños de un bar donde “la acústica era excepcional”, los vestigios de un intento de golpe de estado, una cúpula digna de Gaudí…

Lejos de la multitud y de los clichés habituales, Buenos Aires alberga tesoros bien escondidos que sólo revela a los habitantes y a los viajeros que saben salirse de los recorridos habituales.

Una guía indispensable para los que creían conocer bien Buenos Aires o para los que desean descubrir la otra cara de la ciudad.

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Buenos Aires Insolite et Secrète

Buenos Aires insolite et secrète

Une statue qui dénonce la corruption, un immeuble qui est construit comme une allégorie de la « Divine Comédie », un musée privé psychédélique exceptionnel, un monument pour un chien policier, la chambre de García Lorca à l’Hotel Castelar, les toilettes d’un bar où “l’acoustique était exceptionnelle”, les vestiges d’une tentative de coup d’état, une coupole digne de Gaudi …

Loin des foules et des clichés habituels, Buenos Aires garde des trésors bien cachés qu’elle ne révèle qu’aux habitants et aux voyageurs qui savent sortir des sentiers battus.

Un guide indispensable pour ceux qui pensaient bien connaître Buenos Aires ou pour ceux qui souhaitent découvrir l’autre visage de la ville.

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Estambul Insólita y Secreta

EstambulLa tumba de un caballo convertido en lugar de peregrinación, una alfombra que predijo la muerte de Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, unos pedazos de la Piedra Negra de La Meca, una sinagoga que sirvió de referencia a los proxenetas asquenazíes, el manto del profeta Mahoma que plancharon por accidente, un puñado de cenizas calientes que salvaron el imperio otomano, una de las doce tumbas de un santo dentro de un faro, la escultura de un repollo como recuerdo de hazañas deportivas del palacio de Topkapi, el rastro de Basil Zaharoff, comerciante de armas que apareció en Tintín y la oreja rota, un increíble café dentro de una sinagoga, unos edificios art nouveau desconocidos, una mezquita contra los terremotos, la cabeza de Drácula en Estambul, unos grafitis vikingos en Santa Sofía…

Lejos de las multitudes y de los habituales clichés, Estambul guarda tesoros bien escondidos que solo desvela a los habitantes y viajeros que buscan salirse de los recorridos habituales.

Una guía indispensable para quienes creían conocer bien Estambul o para aquellos que desean descubrir la otra cara de la ciudad.

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Forgotten Heritage

Forgotten Heritage

Rediscovering our forgotten heritage

‘No Entry’; ‘Dangerous Site Keep Out’; ‘Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted’: common sights on walls or perimeter fences around many of the world’s abandoned sites. These warnings allude to potential dangers and prove an ineffective deterrent against thieves and vandals. To the urban explorer/photographer these signs simply serve to whet the appetite for the promise of hidden wonders that may lie beyond.

For those who ignore the warnings and climb the fences, what awaits is usually worth the risks. Vast industrial spaces that feel more like an alien landscape or poignant residential settings, which are slowly surrendering to the inexorable advance of nature. Places once alive with sound and movement, now silent and still, but no less sensory. Immense and powerful beauty resides in these forgotten places.

For some, just getting inside a location to experience this alternative form of sightseeing is enough to satisfy a desire to simply go where one shouldn’t. But for some there is a need to capture the essence of a location in words and pictures, giving others a metaphorical ‘leg-up’ over the fences, to walk them through the remaining ruins.

Matt Emmett falls into the latter of these groups, travelling regularly to places in the UK and across Europe. He seeks out vast power stations and their cooling towers, steel works, mines, bunkers, tunnels, schools, engine sheds, hotels, castles and a myriad of other buildings. All have their own stories to tell in a variety of voices and without the distraction, sounds and people who inhabited them, those stories are clear and strong and the character of each location is laid bare.

Architectural Digest: « Photographer Matt Emmett has made a name for himself by pushing the boundaries to capture epic imagery of Europe’s most forgotten ruins »

International Business Times: Matt Emmett’s ‘Forgotten Heritage’ photography project uncovers the brutal beauty of abandoned buildings and derelict industry

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France Abandonnée

FrancePartez sur les traces de l’aciérie abandonnée de Gandrange ou des hauts-fourneaux fermés d’Uckange en Lorraine, d’un spectaculaire cimetière de bateaux de guerre dans la presqu’île de Crozon en Bretagne, d’un château oublié en région parisienne, d’un sanatorium à l’abandon dans les Alpes, des vestiges d’une magnifique salle de concert Art déco dans le Nord, d’un hôpital désaffecté dans le Sud-Ouest, d’un fort militaire désormais interdit dans les Pyrénées, d’un chai à vin fermé en Normandie…

Depuis le succès de son premier livre publié en 2009, Sylvain Margaine continue à parcourir la France à la recherche de ces lieux interdits, oubliés de tous. Il met ainsi en lumière le destin parfois dramatique de notre patrimoine, matière à une vraie réflexion sur sa sauvegarde.

Un reportage photographique exceptionnel.

« Tel un greffier, il capture avec son reflex numérique l’âme de ces endroits voués à disparaître, rasés ou rongés

par les années… Pour découvrir des trésors oubliés de notre patrimoine » (Madame Figaro)

« Recenser des monuments, raconter le patrimoine caché, Sylvain Margaine est un explorateur urbain »

(Le Monde)

« Au-delà de la splendeur des images, Sylvain Margaine partage un patrimoine éphémère, isolé ou

condamné, en dehors des sentiers battus. Vous aussi, découvrez ces lieux interdits ! » (Le Soir)

208 pages – ISBN : 978-2-36195-217-4  – 35 € – 11/2017

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