Seek out a marine graveyard in Brittany, a spectacular former coal mine in Germany’s Ruhr basin, an abandoned hospital complex in Poland, ghostly plaster figures installed at a dilapidated church in the Czech Republic, closed-down prisons and asylums, deserted factories …

Since the resounding success of his two earlier volumes, published in 2009 and 2013, Sylvain Margaine still travels the world in search of these forbidden places, forgotten by everyone.

“Like a graffiti artist, he uses his digital reflex camera to capture the soul of these demolished, worn-down places that are doomed to oblivion … thus revealing the forgotten treasures of our heritage.” (Madame Figaro)

“Census-taker of monuments, storyteller of our hidden heritage, Sylvain Margaine is an urban explorer.” (Le Monde)

“Beyond the magnificent images, Sylvain Margaine shares an ephemeral, isolated and condemned urban heritage that lies off the beaten tracks of the city. You, too, will discover these forbidden places!” (Le Soir)


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