SOT 2018A teahouse secreted away behind a flower shop, a Michelin-starred chef who does things like no one else, a Tokyo street-food market, a hidden restaurant in the heart of Shibuya, spending a night on a library bookshelf, drinking the ultimate cocktail, finding a restaurant whose address we won’t tell you, celebrating an “un-birthday” at an izakaya, going for “standing sushi”, getting a massage in a hammock …

Soul of Tokyo is written by Fany and Amandine Péchiodat, the founders of My Little Paris, the influential newsletter-cum-lifestyle brand. Having scoured the depths of Paris for 10 years to share the city’s best-kept secret spots, they now take on another city they love, and where they’ve recently opened an office: Tokyo.

The “Soul of” collection is a new approach to the art of traveling that consists of vagabonding around, chance encounters, and unforgettable experiences. Guides for those who want to unlock the hidden doors of a city, feel out its heartbeat, plumb every last nook and cranny to uncover its soul.

Each guide in the “Soul of” collection includes:
– the 30 best experiences a city has to offer
– interviews with those who give the city its spirit
– illustrations by a local artist

ISBN: 978-2-36195-290-7 — Price: $17.95 – €14,95 – £13.99 — Dimensions: 12.2*18.3 cm

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