Exploring our abandoned heritage.

Look around the former headquarters of the Bulgarian Communist Party, lost in the mountains; London’s legendary Battersea Power Station; a deserted amusement park in Bali; Antwerp’s extraordinary Stock Exchange, devoid of any activity; Russian helicopters abandoned in Bruges; a phantom workers’ village in Italy; a dilapidated hospital in New York City; unheeded castles; derelict prisons and asylums …

For 10 years Sylvain Margaine has been travelling the world in search of these forbidden, all but forgotten, places.

An exceptional photographic report.

“Like a graffiti artist, he uses his digital reflex camera to capture the soul of these demolished, worn-down places that are doomed to oblivion … thus revealing the forgotten treasures of our heritage.” (Madame Figaro)

“Census-taker of monuments, storyteller of our hidden heritage, Sylvain Margaine is an urban explorer.” (Le Monde)

“Beyond the magnificent images, Sylvain Margaine shares an ephemeral, isolated and condemned urban heritage that lies off the beaten tracks of the city. You, too, will discover these forbidden places!” (Le Soir)

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